Journey To Self – Discover. Heal. Transform 


No set times. Work at your own pace. When you’re ready.
TIME INVESTMENT: Approximately 2-3 hours per week
A program created with your busy life in mind. Pre-created courses easily woven into your schedule, with practitioners available to offer support sessions when needed.
PLUS community support via the private Facebook group – share and connect with like-minded women on the same journey, and with the practitioners, ready to answer your questions and share additional resources.

Are you ready to finally move forward, but just don’t know how?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine yourself as the woman you want to be, living the life, you know deep down, you deserve, a life of purpose, a life by your own design. 
YOU have the power to change your life.  Here’s the hardest part: you have to commit to showing up for yourself. It all starts with you. 
Learn to use your mindset, emotions, inner wisdom, personal power and creative expression to build trust in yourself and create a life of intention and insight, instead of a life on autopilot, a life controlled by your patterns and emotions. Let them serve you instead.
Wellness for Women SA in collaboration with Self Connections, Candice King Life Coach, Bevin Reynolds Counselling, Nidhi Amanda Chaitow, eMErge Coaching and Tea time with Lianne bring you a program designed to take you on a journey of self discovery, showing you how to shift your mindset, understand and manage your emotions, connect with and heal your inner child, grow into wholeness, step into your power and tap into and use your creative side for processing and healing.
This is for the woman ready to empower herself. Are you finally ready to show up for yourself? You are worth the effort, you are worth the time, YOU are worthy.
This beautiful 6 month journey includes:
– 6 four week courses from 6 incredible wellness practitioners incl. support sessions when needed
– A beautiful gift box each month with items relating to your upcoming course
– Payment plan over 6 months
– Video, audio, booklets, practical exercises

– Dedicated Facebook group for community support


This program includes the following courses:

Kay Koekemoer – Self Connections


Mindset Reset

A 4 week course helping you move from a place of negativity to positivity – positively stepping into your future. Mindset plays an integral part in our well being, it’s responsible for the way we perceive the world at large and different situations, the way we feel about ourselves and other people. When we understand the reason behind our negative thinking and thought patterns and we learn to deal with them in a healthy manner, we are able to move into a state of flow and ease. 
Week 1
Your thoughts
Looking at what is going on in your life right now, the thoughts you think about, your feelings, negative thoughts and why you have them
Week 2
Your self image
Looking at the way you think about yourself, your self image, how to think more positively, changing the way you see yourself
Week 3
Looking at your family and childhood memories and how they shaped you as you are today and your way of thinking. Belief systems and patterns
Week 4
New You/My future self
Looking at what your ideal life looks like, and how you see your future self

Candice King – Candice King Life Coach 


From the Inside Out

The intersection of head and heart
Tap into the innate wisdom that lies within
each and every one of us, our emotions are
the navigators of our lives, let’s make use of this powerhouse.
A 4-week journey from the inside out.
Exploring your emotional intelligence.
 A walk through your head and heart. Creating awareness around your thinking, feelings, and actions.
A space for mind-heart coherence.
Exploring all the elements of emotional
intelligence and how they may show up in
your life. Steps to creating a life that is lived authentically with courage and intention.
Week 1
Unlocking your personal EQ and brain profile. Beginning to explore emotional
Week 2
Creating self awareness around your emotions. Building your emotional vocabulary and diving into your emotional patterns
Week 3
Building self-management and self-direction. Diving deep into how your thoughts, feelings, and action engage with each other.
Week 4
Understanding the motivation behind your emotions and the impact this has on your interpersonal relationships. 

Bevin Reynolds – Counselor, hypnotherapist and conscious dance facilitator 


Reclaiming Innocence 

Through this course, you will gain clarity on how your inner child influences your life and your relationships. We will explore some of the ways that you can do inner child healing as well as play with connecting to, and developing a relationship with, your creative and free inner child.
Week 1
Awakening awareness of your inner child states
Week 2
Introduction to healing your wounded child
Week 3
Connecting with your free child
Week 4
Developing a relationship with your inner child

Nidhi Amanda Chaitow – Psychosocial Therapist, Facilitator and Wise Elder Coach


Growing into Wholeness 

4 week wellness course learning about the Medicine Wheel and the psychosocial aspects of healing into wholeness and finding meaning and balance in your Life:
Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Relationally and Physically Showing-Up.
The purpose of this Course is to take you on an elemental journey of growing from within into the fullness of Who You Are.
On our journey you will observe the inter-connectedness of the elements: AIR, WATER, FIRE AND EARTH – held in a container of SPIRIT.
You will learn how to honour the elements, your inner wisdom, your connection with your ancestors and tribe, earth wisdom and the expansiveness of ALL OF LIFE.
Week 1 : The Element of Air
Week 2 :  The Element of Water
Week 3 : The Element of Fire
Week 4 : The Element of Earth
Held in a container of LOVE, HEART and CONNECTION – The Element of Spirit

Bianca Loker – eMErge Coaching


Pathways to Personal Power

A 4 week journey where you will
be guided through the process of where you currently are, to a place of owning your Personal Power. Along the way, you’ll gain insight and understanding into who you are, discover what you need to let go of and how to do it and then how to implement this into your daily life!

Week 1:

Discovery and Clarity

Gain absolute clarity into who and what you want to let go of in order to embark on your pathway to Personal Power.

This week will give you the WHAT so you get started down your pathway.

Week 2:


A deep dive into the things you’ve been holding on and how the way you’ve been doing things has been manifesting in your life.

This week will provide you with the HOW of your pathway.

Week 3:

The Future

Imagine and focus on the future that you want.  The one you are striving for.  Discovering where this pathway is leading you.

This week you will work on CREATING this pathway.

Week 4:


The blue print for how to make this happen.  Own your Personal Power and work out your personal pathway.

Commit to yourself and actualise your Personal Power.

Lianne Smuts – Tea time with Lianne 


Creative Memoirs of my Self-Journey 

Enjoy creative activities to reflect on your journey of self-transformation over the past months. While creating a special collection of creative pages your brain will process your journey and you will become aware of the progress you have made.  And then you will celebrate your transformational journey by assembling your pages into a “Journal of Self”.
Week 1
The Rebirth
Reflect on the joys of childhood
Embrace childlikeness into adulthood to stay joyful
Week 2
The Growing Process
Excitement about the privilege of exploration. Lessons learned through healing and growing
Week 3
The New Adult
The discovery process of Self 
A celebration of the New
Week 4
The Future
Pursuing the new Self
Living and realising self-dreams

JOURNEY TO SELF STARTS 1 JULY – This is an ongoing program, sign up before 20th of any month to start 1st of following month

INVESTMENT R9 000 – Monthly payments of R1 500 over six months

*Gift boxes only available to SA residents

For residents outside of South Africa please email for more info


Are you ready to discover, heal and transform?