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Alicia Holistic Wellness

NLP and Holistic Wellness Coach and The Emotion Code

Alicia’s Holistic Wellness was born out of my continuous healing journey, which progressively led me away from the mainstream pharma approach to a more natural and holistic one.

Of all the energy healing modalities, the one that clicked for me was The Emotion Code. It is a gentle, yet effective energy healing system. Through muscle testing, we are able to identify one trapped emotion at a time and release it through the use of magnetic energy.

 The Emotion Code can be done in person or via distance healing and is just as powerful for you as it is for your four-legged furry friends…Yes, animals also experience emotions and they take on our emotions which could be impacting their behaviour or present as dis-ease.

To bring it all together and provide a mind, body, and soul offering, I also offer holistic coaching and NLP.  Holistic coaching and NLP, because at anytime it could be your mind, body or soul that requires attention and healing or support in the changes that you are wanting to embark on. Change is something we all avoid, but when you have genuine support and someone to hold you accountable, achieving what you set out to do is that much easier.

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