water and flowers

By Nidhi-Amanda Chaitow

There is a song that I have been singing for years: 

Earth my body

Water my blood

Air my breath

Fire my spirit

Have a listen here

The second line in the song is ‘Water my Blood’. 

Water gives Life. Water replenishes. Water is magic. You can see it, you can feel it, you can drink it, and yet it’s transparent. It is the only substance that exists as solid, liquid and gas. And your body consists of around 60% of water.  

Water is the element of flow. We begin in water as we are nourished in the womb. It seeds and sustains life. Over 90% of our blood plasma is water.  So as the words say in our song – water is our blood.  

When your body (earth) becomes too fiery, you can invite the flow of the water element to cool you down and return you to balance.  Water is an ultimate neutralising force that can return harmony to your inner space. When you use water as a balancing element, even in your visualisation, it brings with it a feeling of flow, of cooling, of calm and of grace. 

The power of water as an element brings consolidation and ethereal energy into a more solid/grounded state of being. You need your water to be in balance so that you can flow with ease and become soft and light in your being.  The core wisdom of water is to flow.

Water asks you to explore by reflecting on these questions in your journal:

  • Are you strong and rooted in your herstory? Do you know where you came from?
  • Are you clear on the path you have chosen to journey?
  • What is your calling? Your purpose? Your destiny?
  • If you are living in fear, what are you fearing?
  • Are you in flow (solid or moving) or petrifying (feeling stiff so you cannot move)?
  • Where in your life can you replace feeling petrified by fear to action and flow?

To become more in flow in your life, water can bring you into a state of flow by:

  • Spending time with water in nature  – rivers, lakes, waterfalls, bubbling brook
  • Cleansing with water – shower, a bubble bath, swimming in the ocean
  • Soaking your feet in epsom salt and water – heals urinary/bladder and kidney channels
  • After grounding yourself and coming into presence through your breath, visualise yourself as water in flow.  Feel held by the structure of the river bank and allow yourself to flow freely as a river
  • Journaling freely allowing thoughts to flow on the page. As you write, feel yourself as water
  • Drinking water and affirming your vision by saying honouring mantras like: “I am in flow” or “I flow with the rhythm of life” 

Water brings you into flow. It cleanses your body, your mind and your soul.  It allows your emotions freedom to move in their own way. Water is your blood. It is your life. 

Water is your blood, your rhythm, your flow. 

Be always blessed


Life and Death Doula

About the Author

Nidhi is a Certified Therapeutic Counsellor and Life Coach, inspired to awaken you into honouring your own unique rhythm, finding meaning and balance in your life and showing up spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally and physically. Through Love, Healing and Transformation.
“It is my honour to facilitate my clients to work through their mud and heal where they have let themselves down. We do this together on a gentle journey to understanding the past, honouring the present and envisioning an empowered future.”

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