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Over the last couple of years, more people have started working from home. This resulted in the blurring of lines between work and home life which can lead to you feeling unbalanced and is overall not good for your wellbeing.  

Your workspace at home should first of all be a dedicated space ( and no your couch does not count )  This space should nurture you, inspire you and serve its purpose from a functional aspect.  By doing this you will find yourself more productive, creative, happier, healthier and overall you will feel more balanced. Today I will share with you some ideas on how to create a holistic workspace in the comfort of your home. 

Let’s begin with your foundation

Having a desk that has enough space for you to work on comfortably is important. It should ideally have some space to put pens, books and anything else you may want on your desk. A desk that allows you to adjust the height is ideal because it gives you options to sit and stand, but if that is not a possibility, then make sure your desk and chair are as ergonomic as possible. Your chair should allow you to have your feet flat on the floor and your arms should be at a 90-degree angle when typing. It is also important to make sure that your monitor is straight in the line of sight without having to strain your neck. 

The next step is to declutter and organize regularly. Once a month I declutter my desk. I tidy out my drawers and computer folders – this is quite a quick process as I do it regularly and it makes the space feel more ready to create my magic. The key to keeping your space tidy is to have good organisation. Storage is often overlooked yet it is so important. Try to include some storage solutions like shelves, cupboards and filing cabinets. By making sure everything has a place you are keeping your space clutter-free, giving you the breathing room to let creativity and productivity flow. 

Make your space functional. Your desk should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Think about what items you use the most and make sure those items are in reach with ease and are placed in a way that makes sense with the flow of work. Then style it so that it provides a calming and inspiring vibe. 

Light it up 

Having proper lighting is absolutely essential as light affects your mood. The first thing I do daily is open my curtain and let the light in, natural light is best but, if you do not have good natural light you will need to add in artificial lights too especially to work in the evening. If possible dimmers are a great option because you adjust them based on the mood and the amount of light you require. An adjustable lamp desk is also great for task lighting which is required. Choosing the right lightbulb is key as it can change the whole mood of the space.  Choose a colder lightbulb to help you stay focused and energised. A warmer lightbulb will give you a more cosy and homey feeling. 

Colour correct 

Let’s talk about colour. Surrounding yourself with the right colours is so important because colour has a powerful influence on how we feel in the space, which will then also will affect how we work. Focus on using colours such as blues, greens, purples or touches of yellows and avoid colours that can affect your mood and productivity in a negative way such as shades of grey. Although I am a fan of white, having a predominantly white space can make it feel sterile – I suggest adding some pop of colour and warming it up with some wooden textures.

Ground your space 

Balance your space with elements from nature to help you feel more grounded. It has been proven that we feel more at home living and working in spaces that contain the elements found in nature. Make your space feel more grounded by using elements that are earthy. These could be anything ceramic, clay, brick, sand, marble, or stone of any kind or making use of earthy colours such as browns, tans, taupes, beiges, and soft yellows. Candles are a great way to bring the fire element in and they can have the benefit of also being decorative and if scented bringing scent into your space. Wooden objects are also another great element to add warmth and vitality to your space. You can also add some crystals, shells or anything that you enjoy. Seeing and touching these elements in your workspace will help to ground you. 

Make it green

I am an absolute plant lady! A space is never complete to me unless it has at least one plant in it. Other than beautifying the space, having plants also has other great benefits. Plants help absorb any electrical energy and they are also great air purifiers. Plus they make a space feel calmer and help with our overall stress. 


Scent to me is something that I focus on as for me personally it can help change my mood, transport me somewhere else or make a space feel homely – to name a few. On my desk, I have a homemade candle with a scent that reflects my brand. I created my own brand scent and when I have it lit it reminds me of what my brand is all about. I also always have a diffuser on the go. Diffusing essential oils is great because they not only clean the air but also have aromatherapy benefits to them. For example, if you needed a more calming feeling you could select oils that would assist you, or if you are needing to feel more energised and focused you would pick oils such as orange or mint.

Make it personal

Lastly, personalise your space. Your office space should feel like you and it should have some personality in order for it to feel more comfortable and personal. Personalise it with decor elements on your desk or surrounding area, perhaps add items such as your vision board, post-it notes with quotes on or photos and art. A rug to sink your feet in and if you have the space even add something fun like a bar cart. Or mini tea station or even a meditation area to make use of when you take those much-needed breaks. 

You deserve a workspace that not only aids you to do your work and make your impact. It should also nurture you by grounding you, inspiring you, allowing you to take care of yourself while you work and also be designed around how you work best. You deserve a home office space that helps you thrive. 

About the author:

Carey is a holistic interior designer who is all about creating spaces that feed your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. She believes a home should not only be functional and aesthetically enchanting, but it should also aid your well-being. She is also passionate about sustainability, biophilic design and supporting local artisans. Carey offers professional interior design services such as design consults, full turn key design service, e-styling service and consults and even a unique experience where she helps you create your own plant oasis. 

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