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My husband and I are both gardeners, we love planning, planting and tending our garden. The joy of watching everything grow and, of course, enjoying tasting the reward of the harvest is enriching. In permaculture, you soon learn that the soil is the foundation of it all, the better the soil, the better the harvest. You see soil is not just dirt, it is vitality and the more beneficial elements it contains such as air, water, organic matter and living organisms the healthier the plant will be. I love to learn from nature, this particular lesson of soil being nature’s foundation and the first vital component of our food pyramid can be used not only in our life but also in our business.  You see if you build your business and in turn your brand on poor foundations that are missing the vital components this will show in your business, in your brand. It will look like inconsistency, lack, confusion. It will lead to frustration, feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and most of all a deep feeling of being unfulfilled because you will not be working with your soul-aligned clients and doing the work you are called to do. 

The foundations that you build in your business are essentially the physiological heartbeat of your business and if you have a business the truth is you have a brand. The question is does your brand reflect the inner soul of your business? Does it connect and resonate with the soul-aligned clients you want to work with? You can’t expect your branding to connect with your soul-aligned clients if you haven’t taken the time to connect within yourself first, the visionary and soul behind it all. That is why I believe that branding is a mindful experience, one that leads to creating an intuitive & aligned brand and business. 

Curiosity leads to clarity

Before I dive deeper with my clients I provided them with journal prompts and a visualization exercise for them to do on their own to start the inner work so that by the time we meet and get discovering together they have already had some intuitive nudges. As I am not able to do that with you today let’s take a brief look at some of them that directly relate to branding and unpack them a bit. 

I always begin with the why

…and, I am not talking about the first answer that comes to you straight away. I am talking about the root of it all, the deeper inner why, the why that you may only want to share with family or close friends because it is such a personal desire. This why is the root why and from here the other whys/purposes offshoot from it. Ask yourself these three questions: 

1. Why is my why important to me.?

2. Why is it important to my loved ones?

3. Why is my why important to the clients I am called to work with? 

Next is your mission, this is your purpose

This would be the source that your mission statement is inspired from. Through key questions and promptings, I help my clients discover this mission and outline it in its various layers. The mission includes your objectives, your current goals, the cause of what you do and your number one core purpose. It also includes your values and your value add (your unique magic)   Your mission deals with the now, the present time. Finding clarity on these will help you create brand standards. Brand standards are important to know and keep as they will help maintain the health of your business and keep your brand consistent, credible and most of all aligned. One exercise you can do today is thinking of how other businesses may have failed their clients in the past and how you and your unique magic can solve problems and make changes in your industry. This is one of the many mission discovery questions I get my clients to ponder on and I have found that they have received some real ah-ha! moments followed by inspired and aligned goal setting and action moments. 

The last one is your vision

This is all about the future of your business and where you envision it going. Your vision includes your aspirational goals, your future vision, the impact you hope to achieve. It should also include your core goal and how you plan on getting where you want your business to go. Your vision focuses on the future of your brand by finding clarity in your vision you will have a clear brand direction. This will be your guiding compass when making decisions that will impact your business in the long term. Dream a little with me today, think expansive and write down what is your “big dream” for your business. The big and crazy dream should be part of your vision and you should have an action plan on how to get there but that is a whole different post in itself. 

My goal when helping my clients build a brand and set their foundations is to align and craft a brand strategy and design a brand identity that reflects the soul of your brand. When you do this work you are investing in your business and I truly believe that your brand deserves to be rooted in strategy and purpose, rooted in the good soil. This will provide you with the clarity and the confidence to step out boldly to make the impact you are meant to make and contribute to the ripple effect.

About the author:

Carey is the soul and creative catalyst behind Salty C Studio. She is here to hold your hand on your branding journey and become your new business bestie. Carey has intentionally created her services so that they will not only elevate and align your business but also continue to support you. Her services included brand strategy, brand and website design, creative direction and lastly brand coaching for the curious heart-led female entrepreneurs. She also offers extra support through accountability and intentional planning practices to her clients by becoming their guide, sounding board and supporter in her Alchemy Program.

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