By Kay Koekemoer

What is Integrated Healing For Your Business?

Well, let’s start off by looking at what Integrated Healing is. IH is a form of Kinesiology. For anyone who may not know what Kinesiology is, it’s a way that we can tap into the Essence of the ‘Being’, to find out what is needed to overcome any issues that may be hindering the growth of the Being, and create changes that will make a positive impact, thus allowing the Being to reach their goals and fullest potential. The ‘Being’ here, being either an individual or an entity such as a business. In IH For Your Business, we work with both the individual and the business combined as one, since you (as the holistic wellness professional) are the face and personality of your business, and your success is based upon your belief system and your subconscious programs and patterns.

If we think of how everything that exists is made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies, then we can begin to understand how Kinesiology and Integrated Healing work. The energy you put into your business is the energy you get out. The intention you set is where your energy will flow. You might’ve noticed that, here at Holistic Wellness Professionals, we talk a lot about ‘Finding your flow’, and ‘Working with your own energy’. That is because what works for another person, where they find success, is not necessarily going to work the same for you and others. Business has changed quite a bit within the last 2 years and, sticking to the outdated ‘Business Model’, may only get you so far with its step-by-step guide and fool-proof formula. These days, as an entrepreneur and especially so for someone working with her clients on a holistic level (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), your success will often be determined by your mindset and your attitude- both these areas are fuelled by your belief system and your subconscious programs and patterns.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, if you are holding on to a habit of thought that doesn’t serve you, putting yourself down with negative self-talk, doubting yourself, not feeling like you fully deserve the life you’re wanting to obtain or holding onto old and outdated belief systems that tell you that you’re not good enough, not worthy enough or not experienced enough to fully succeed in your business, then inevitably, to some degree, that is what you will find. We can only fully embrace success when we know what that success looks like, what it feels like to be there even if it hasn’t happened yet and to hold the beliefs that support it. Our beliefs, whether conscious or subconscious, coupled with our subconscious programs and patterns, will determine our reality. 

Subconscious programs and patterns are something we all have: This is the master program by which we live our lives and the reason why we find ourselves doing, saying or thinking the same things over and over again, stuck in a pattern on repeat. We hold many positive programs that often outweigh the negative, but it’s those negative ones that will hold us back from fulfilling our dreams or reaching our goals. Please understand that the word ‘negative’ here can sound quite harsh yet it’s simply a description of the programs we no longer wish to keep. At some point in our lives, we created those programs to keep us safe and functioning, yet as we grow we find we no longer have the need for these outdated programs, to the extent that they may even be hindering our personal growth. The good news is that we’re not doomed to live the rest of our lives with negative programs. What we want to do is turn these old and outdated programs into positive and empowering ones that will help us grow and reach the success we’re looking for, and that is where Integrated Healing comes in. Integrated Healing is a process that’ll help us overcome that old way of being, by assisting with the subconscious changes. 

What happens in a session?

During a 1:1 session, we identify the issues with which you may find yourself struggling within your business. If there are a few that you can think of, then we isolate the one which shows as the most priority and we work on that. Often, the one which shows the most priority is the one which will have a filter effect on the other issues, so by working through one issue, we often indirectly resolve or soften some, or all, of the other issues. From there, we’ll focus on the goal you wish to achieve. Incorporating a specific goal into the process is fundamental to the overall session, as things can only truly change when you know what you want. The techniques used to identify the priory issue, the goal, and any other relevant information that comes up during the process are Intuition, Muscle Testing and Pendulum Testing.

A specific goal will help you move from where you are, to where you want to be. Envisioning what that goal looks and feels like is part of the process that we cover during an IH session. Making it as real as possible, and even living a moment or a day in that life in your mind, will assist in creating the shift you’re looking for. The subconscious mind doesn’t know what is real and what isn’t, so by creating an image or a movie and playing it over in your mind, you begin to imprint into the subconscious mind what you wish your life to be like. Remember, everything exists in vibrational form first, before it manifests into physical existence.

Once information around your issue and goal has been collected, we then move on to the corrections phase. Essentially, we are finding out what is needed in order for the change to take place. This could be in the form of affirmations, crystals, essential oils, energy healing, chakra balancing, plant essences, imagery, meditations, thinking through future or past scenarios, tapping, understanding your story, inner child healing, etc- We look for the vibration most needed, in order to support the change, and now have the opportunity to change the outdated belief-system and self-limiting programs, into new empowering ones Although as humans, we love to analyze ourselves and situations, and why things are the way they are, we must also keep in mind that Spirit is simple and that we actually don’t need to complicate things by trying to analyze and understand everything. The changes can be small but will often be powerful still. It’s the shifts in energy that will create the change. A shift in thinking. A shift in perspective. We don’t always need to know or even understand how this is happening. Faith and trust in the process will get us further than the knowing and understanding of it.

The last part of the session is now integrating the change. Instilling it with positive affirmations and words to live by, claiming the change and making it yours!

A session lasts around 1h30-2h00 and can be done in-person or over Zoom. 

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Kay, based in KZN, South Africa, incorporates the power of Kinesiology and Energy Healing, along with other holistic modalities to help you naturally overcome anxiety, release trauma and self-sabotaging patterns and beliefs, and find purpose and passion in life.

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