Women supporting women in holistic wellness, mindful & empowered living


For YOU. The holistic wellness practitioner seeking support and connection with like-minded women. Women who value collaboration over competition. Women who share freely, and know we never stop learning. Open-minded women who value non-judgemental spaces, who value community. For YOU, the practitioner seeking to learn and grow and connect, to build a sustainable business with intention, in a beautifully mindful and embodied way.

For YOU. The woman seeking personal growth and healing. The woman seeking deep connection. Connection with SELF. Connection with others. The woman seeking to empower herself with knowledge, love, self-awareness. The woman seeking true and lasting fulfilment. The woman seeking peace, calm and self-trust. The woman seeking to live a life by her own design. A life lived with intention, experienced fully, without the filters of trauma.


Below are just some of our offerings; for both Holistic Wellness Practitioners as well as Women on their Wellness Journey.

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Monthly sessions for female holistic wellness practitioners & business service providers for holistic wellness practitioners – created to encourage connection and collaboration.


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Meet Our Wellness Professionals

Our panel of wellness professionals will bring you information, tools and resources on various topics of holistic wellness, to empower you on your healing journey, and to help you create a life of intention and wellness.